Big data integration platform


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Big data integration platform


With the high-speed development of the new mobile Internet and network application, accelerated the seamless integration of network society and realistic society, those who provide offline services of almost all traditional areas covered are the wi-fi hotspots in real places, and the public security organ deployment of wireless terminal characteristics of acquisition station. Nowadays, wireless network level, wide coverage, the development trend of hotspots, urges the gradually from cable to mobile Internet users daily Internet connection, the network of social, mobilize the force to get more strengthened, and provide wireless Internet service for the public basic configuration at the same time, brings to the public security organ network community comprehensive prevention and control work serious challenges, the same to the social management of public security organs work has brought new opportunities.

System architecture

Main function

GIS site and equipment management
Characteristics of public wireless location, wireless acquisition, as well as the wireless terminal to collect base station, through the GIS map for the record, verification, at the same time support the import, add, delete, modify, query and other functions.
A key to retrieve
Implementation in the various types of data sources and data retrieval status data, online trajectory, data analysis, etc., three kinds of retrieval condition points, such as identity, virtual identity, characteristics of the wireless terminal MAC address.
Data correlation
An analysis of identity (including real identity, virtual identity, feature data, etc.) is used to visualize the multi-level and multi-type identity graph in a graphical manner.
Internet access statistics
Based on the statistics of time and space, we can provide a visual graph of online information.
Feature collection intensity
Based on time and space, the data of wireless terminal features are collected, and the visualization of dense bottom statistics is provided.
To analyze
It supports the detection technology of public security organs, such as adjoint analysis, track query and collision analysis.
Audit management
Support the alarm function based on real identity, virtual identity, MAC address, real-time hit triggered by data push, and alarm by platform push, page scrolling, email, SMS, etc.
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