Wifi probe collection system


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Wifi probe collection system


Hualong technology Wifi probe acquisition system using wi-fi wireless local area network (LAN), Ethernet technology, optical communication, real-time positioning and the Internet of things technology, widely used in areas covered by wireless local area network (LAN), real-time acquisition of mobile terminals and the fixed AP efficiently MAC address, can be selectively by corresponding transmission medium, the effective data transmission to the center for operational management. The implementation of complex personnel positioning, monitoring and tracking tasks, and accurate search to target objects, achieve real-time positioning and monitoring management of personnel and objects. 


Working principle

(1) adopt the 802.11 protocol standard without perception to capture the MAC address, field strength, brand, IMEI, IMSI, QQ, WeChat, taobao and other virtual identities of air wireless terminals and hot spots.
(2) after the collected data is encrypted, it is transmitted back to the center via wired and wireless mode;
(3) the storage server cluster is used to centralize the collection data, or seamlessly connect with the third-party platform through the standard interface of the ministry of public security;
(4) it adopts the B/S architecture to control all acquisition terminals, big data cluster processing, data collision, trajectory analysis, accompanying analysis, thermal force analysis and other public security investigation techniques.

System structure



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